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Leaders and Teams speak a common language to  increase productivity & collaboration with the TEND Method

At LARASAH we guide teams through a powerfully effective workshop to teach one of the most important resilience skills in the Five to Align™ system. In 2.5 hours, participants have the opportunity to learn and practice the TEND Method with practical case studies that are relevant to their work environment. In four steps, the TEND Method increases clarity in communication, diffuses potential conflict and gets projects and deliverables on schedule.  

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Are you experiencing any of the following?

1) Decreased productivity: project delays, and costly rework

2) Departure of high performers

Using our proprietary TEND Method, we teach a four step methodology for leaders and team members to communicate more effectively. It's a common language that's practical and clear so teams can focus on achieving their goals.


1) Projects delivered on time

2) Increased employee retention

3) More effective team onboarding, increasing productivity.


1) Learn and practice the TEND Method with real-world and company-specific  case studies scenarios.

Example case studies include:
· Working with an unresponsive collaborator,
· Managing
 a challenging customer 

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