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When we have high resilience we have the motivation and peace of mind to achieve our goals and the energy to enjoy our life. Life happens. We all experience fatigue, loss of motivation and focus, and stress from time to time. 


Sustain and increase resilience in a systematic way without adding more to busy days with the Five to Align guidebook.


This guidebook includes:

  • Essential prompts and exercises that increase your resilience and reduce stress in less than 10 minutes, especially on days when you need more support. 
  • Guidance to help you identify and achieve aligned priorities so you can achieve more of what you need and appreciate on a daily basis. 
  • Clear and concise tips and exercises in 5 key areas to build and sustain your resilience levels so you can see and experience the results you're seeking.


Included with the purchase of a Five to Align Guidebook:


• The Resilience Assessment: determine your current score and your resilience catalyst 

• Members-only bonus materials, video content, & tips to support your resilience and offer stress relief effectively and quickly!

Five to Align Guidebook

  • What's inside:

    • An introduction to the five key pillars of the Five to Align System and practices to quickly and easily re-energize and reduce stress at any time!

    • Interactive exercises to help you clarify YOUR personal priorities & tips for mitigating obstacles to your priorities/goals

    • A framework for you to begin alignment practices including: Identifying your core values, emotional fluency practices, & stress support guidance

    • A daily alignment section : A space for you to journal with daily prompts to quickly align & track your progress.

    The Five to Align Guidebook grows with you. It is a valuable tool you create & personalize over time. It gets wiser as you add more tools to overcome recurrent and day-to-day challenges.

    The best part? It requires no battery power, doesn’t share your data and only requires a pen!

    Size: 5 in x 8 in

    Pages: 172

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