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How to Stay Calm


When this COVID-19 pandemic started, I thought “well at least I’ve been preparing for managing my stress for years!” What a humbling experience. The social isolation, the inability to do the simple things that I love without thinking, like going for coffee with a friend, hopping on a plane to see family and loved ones, hiking in pure unadulterated nature on a whim, has been stifling.

As much as I’m grateful for my husband and cuddly cat with whom I’m sheltering-in-place, the nature at my front door, my beautiful home, and the ability to feed myself nourishing foods, social isolation is no piece of cake. Already, whether you’re sheltering alone or with family, there is so much more pressure and responsibility being placed on the family unit. The community, family and friends we can normally rely on, are not as easy to reach and can’t be physically present.

Technology is great, but it isn’t the same thing to look at someone through a screen, as it is to sit in their presence one-to-one. You can’t have your parents babysit your kids remotely through a screen. Technology doesn’t replace a hug, a hand on a shoulder, a classroom of yogis meditating, people-watching in the park or a café, a romantic evening in your favorite restaurant. It doesn't replace the senses of touch, smell, taste although it does assist with sound and sight. Technology is a great and valuable tool, but it doesn't replace the most valuable human connection.

So as I entered week two of social isolation, I had to dive deeper into learning how to maintain peace, productivity and cherish and cultivate glimmers of hope and joy. It wasn’t easy. However, it has allowed me to enrich my FREE guide with more practical tips on how to energize your life with calm while maximizing your leadership!

Now more than ever, we need leaders who are grounded in love, calm and hope. Who are our leaders? One naturally thinks of those in positions of power, but these tips are designed to empower ALL natural leaders: parents, teachers, professionals, managers, healthcare workers and healers, business owners and entrepreneurs and yes, voters!

The guide is free, no strings attached. Head over to the Connect page to access your copy. Sign up for our email list to get the complementary bonuses and information on upcoming workshops that will dive deeper into the 5 key areas that you need to strengthen to energize your life with calm.


Let me know which tip helped you most or share what strategies you love to stay calm in uncertain times!

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