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6 Steps to a Happier Life

Do you know what makes you feel good physically, mentally, in your soul, & in your bones?

How often do you find yourself doing those things?

Alignment is about recognizing the activities, actions, people, and work that bring us joy and allowing more of that into our daily lives.

For some, this may sound unrealistic or selfish. Do you feel like you regularly have to choose between a career or family? Or between what you want to do and what you have to do?

At many times in our life, we can feel like we’re at a crossroads. Especially when facing major decisions or questions like:

  • Accepting a promotion that takes time away from family.

  • Turning an idea into a company.

  • Do I need to gather more experience or funds before I take the entrepreneurial leap?

  • Do I commit to this person? Or is it time to consciously uncouple?

So what can we do when we reach these decision points? How can we make difficult decisions we’re less likely to regret?

  1. PAUSE. Decision points are an opportunity to choose and find realignment.

  2. We can consciously choose to accept, decline, or postpone the decision.

  3. Fully visualize yourself in each scenario. If you have a tendency to look at the worst-case outcome, take the time to also evaluate the best-case outcome. The same goes for optimists! Allow yourself to evaluate the worst-case scenario too.

  4. Notice what you feel as you go through each scenario, particularly what you fear and what brings you joy.

  5. Label each scenario with a couple of words (e.g. take promotion, stay in role, start a new business)

  6. For each scenario, write down any thoughts or concerns that come to mind without censoring yourself.

  7. When you notice a fear appear, apply the TEND Method to fully understand what you need and desire. *Page 32 of the Five to Align journal

  8. When you notice joy or excitement recognize what core value of yours this may be connected to. *Core Values Exercise on page 12 of the Five to Align journal

  9. Look at each scenario label and notice which one excites you the most.

  10. Commit to taking one next step toward alignment with that scenario within the next week. Put it in your calendar or journal to hold yourself accountable. That’s it! With that one step, you’ve made a purposeful decision! Remember that we can make big decisions step by step too. In most cases, it's not an all-or-nothing decision.

Gathering Data and Advice to Inform your Decision

There is value in seeking advice but be mindful of taking it from those who haven’t done what you’re considering doing. It’s great to listen to their insight, knowing that this may reflect their fears and desires more than your own.

Learning from others who have followed their dreams, achieved big goals, or have harmonious and joyful relationships can be very valuable. They can help us to see challenges and opportunities we might not have considered. Our perspective is limited by our experience. No matter how expansive that is, there are still behaviors, biases, and mindsets that we can’t easily see or may not be aware of. That is why it’s so valuable to have a network of trusted connections.

  • Some will be mentors (formally or informally) whom you can trust and learn from.

  • Some will be people on similar paths with their own unique mission, passions, and interests with whom you can share your challenges and successes and in turn, cheer for and empathize with their challenges.

  • Some will be teachers, coaches, therapists, or family members who you can engage with and learn from formally or informally (by observation).

At LARASAH we know that once we’ve made a big decision, it takes courage and motivation in order to follow through and succeed! That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of our Five to Align Community: a group of connections who, like you, are considering and making big decisions, pursuing their dreams, and seeking alignment on their goals and priorities in their lives and careers.


We'll be kicking off the Five to Align Community by diving deep on Aligned Purpose with the release of our first Masterclass on January 14th: Finding Daily Joy With Aligned Decision Making

During the Masterclass, we'll share the five key questions you'll need to answer in order to understand your Aligned Purpose score. You’ll also discover ways to increase your level of alignment which will allow you to experience more daily happiness and have the time to do the things that matter most to you.

If you have a Five to Align Journal you already have free access to our assessment tool and a free month of access to our Five to Align Community. In addition to the Aligned Purpose Masterclass, membership also includes access to monthly Live Q&As hosted by LARASAH CEO and Founder Lara Park Menning. Join us on January 20 when she will take your questions about Aligned Purpose and share tips for making big and small decisions in 2022 by becoming a member HERE.

The Five to Align Community and Five to Align Journal go hand in hand.

Purchase your journal HERE for just $35 to get kick off your FREE month!

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