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This is a judgment-free zone. We love healthy debates but let's accept & respect differences.


Give more than you take in this forum please.

Sell, spam or solicit


Bully, troll, post hateful, misogynistic, sexist, or racist content


If you wouldn't say it to someone you care about, don't say it here.

What is our process behind account removal?

The well-being of the Five to Align Community community is our main priority. Any post that incites violence, hate, and/or defamation of, or, between community members will be subject to review and potential removal. If at anytime a member's action violates community guidelines or terms of service, LARASAH will send an email warning to that member, indicating which guideline has been broken. If the warned member continues to break the same guideline or any additional guideline, LARASAH will immediately deactivate that person's account. An email will be sent indicating the nature of the second violation, and the fact that the person's account was terminated. LARASAH reserves the right to terminate your account or limit your access without prior notice. If your account is terminated for a community guidelines violation your credit card will automatically stop being charged for monthly membership at the completion of the month the violation occured. If your account is terminated for a community guidelines violation and you have paid for yearly access you will not be refunded your payment. By joining the Five to Align Community you are agreeing to forfeit that payment should a violation occur.

Grounds for immediate account termination without warning include, and are not limited to:

Spamming Trolling and bullying of any member of the site (including employees) Hate speech, sexual harassment, racism Any other egregious acts that go against common decency We believe in transparency, we do not and will not ever share your personal information outside of the Five to Align Community without your consent or legal authorization to do so. Be aware

All information you post within the community is viewable to all members of the Five to Align Community.

Thank you for helping us create a safe space!




The goal of the Five to Align Community is to support your efforts to live a more aligned life! It is a safe, supportive and inclusive environment where members can feel comfortable discussing their experiences and struggles when utlizing the tools in the Five to Align Journal and beyond. To protect the spirit of the community we ask that you respect the following guidelines:

Our Goal

 Trust is our currency! Help us ensure 'member-only' resources & private discussions stay within the community.


Respect Everyone's Privacy

Be Curious!


Ask questions & start discussions. Let's learn & grow together. 

Be kind and courteous


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