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Five to Align

When challenges arise, stress happens. A little over the short term can mobilize energy and increase focus.

When we have high resilience we have more motivation and peace of mind to achieve our goals during periods of growth and challenge. 

Sustain and increase resilience in a systematic way without adding more to busy days with Five to Align.

Identify your unique resilience profile in 3 minutes by taking our Assessment today!

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Discover the Key to Sustaining and Increasing Resilience

The Five to Align Guidebook helps you to recharge when you need it most, with short tutorials and powerful practices that can be used daily. 

With the Five to Align Guidebook you can: 

Discover which quick and powerful tools will allow you to recharge most effectively

Integrate and practice these tools in a simple way


When challenges arise, decreasing stress is as simple as addressing which of five key pillars in the Five to Align system allows you to recharge and reset.


These five pillars are: Calm Mind, Stress Support, Emotional Fluency, Aligned Purpose and Body Vitality.


The Five to Align guidebook explains each pillar, provides prompts and exercise to increase resilience and a daily alignment section to quickly focus on the day's priorities and reset after a challenging day. Every exercise takes less than 10 minutes.

Ready to feel more energized, calm and focused every day?

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