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As companies grow, challenges arise at key peak points.


What allows one company to grow in a productive and collaborative way while another shifts away from the initial thriving culture and veers toward conflict, attrition, and loss of productivity or profitability? There are several factors, yet the most powerful skill present in thriving successful companies is emotionally fluent leadership.











People don't do what we say, they do what they see us do.


We’re passionate about delivering effective and sustainable results for teams and organizations with our Integrated Leadership System. From the foundation of the Five to Align System, we:


  • Assess the current leadership team burnout risks with a proprietary survey, identify strengths, gaps and the most powerful area to strengthen to quickly increase resilience in your leadership and your team.

  • Support the next level of growth for your team or organization by teaching the Five to Align System.

  • Allow your team to practice and integrate with our Emotional Fluency Workshops, Masterclasses and live group support via our virtual platform as well as the Five to Align Journals.

  • Reassess progress at 8 weeks to measure improvements and a path for sustainable success.


Want to know how this solution will deliver results for your team?

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