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Guiding leaders to achieve their mission with vitality and confidence 


That’s exactly what leaders and entrepreneurs do. We have a vision for a product, a service, for how the world could operate differently, and then we gather the tools and a team to make that vision a reality. 


That sounds incredible right? It is. And yet, why is it that 100% of entrepreneurs experience burn out? Why was occupational burnout declared to be an epidemic in 2019, even before the global stresses of 2020?

It turns out that we need resilient structures and strategies to allow our vision to grow into a dream and not a nightmare. 


There are 5 key areas we need to practice in order to maintain consistently high energy levels and performance without the cyclical crashes of exhaustion and overwhelm. At Larasah we offer simple and practical tools to rejuvenate, replenish and recharge. The foundation is the Five to Align system.

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Want to reduce stress without compromising your goals?

Discover the Key to Reducing Your Stress

- Identify Your Unique Stress Profile 

- Discover which simple, practical, quick and powerful tools will reduce your stress levels most quickly and effectively.

- Learn the system that allows you to integrate and practice these tools simply and practically.

Want to increase your team’s productivity without burnout?

Discover our high ROI Workshops 

- Increase team productivity with TEND Method™ communication

- Increase team engagement with authentic connection

- Decrease conflict effectively and consistently

Want to reach your company’s growth targets without burning out?

Discover our Resilience System

- Increase company resilience to achieve your mission, navigate change and achieve your sales targets

- Identify your key contributor’s risk of burnout

- Quickly and effectively reduce burnout risk with the Five to Align System 

Achieve with Energy, Confidence and Calm.

Discover our practical and effective solutions. 


"LARASAH was able to quickly address diverse challenges with my team regardless of age, level of seniority, skepticism or initial level of stress as they navigated through the multiple challenges of 2020. In 40 days, the whole team was more relaxed, effective and more collaborative. What more can an executive ask for? Productivity and collaboration. Offering the Five to Align Journal to my team from onboarding gave them the tools to personalize their stress management and set them up for success from the start!" - Pharmaceutical CEO, Integrated Leadership System Client

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